Jaguar XE



  • XE Pure
  • XE Prestige
  • XE Portfolio
  • XE R-Sport
  • XE S
The most advanced, efficient and safest sport sedan ever produced by Jaguar.


The energetic image and road agility of the XE instantly identify it as a Jaguar. He behaves like a Jaguar, he drives like a Jaguar. The XE is Jaguar from start to finish.
Efficiency and Performance
With a coefficient of aerodynamic drag (Cd) of only 0.3, the XE cuts the wind to improve efficiency and refinement. This translates from the emotion in pure state of the engine, capable of reaching 250 km / h, to the efficiency of CO2 emissions.
Dynamic Proportions
The XE attracts all eyes instantly. It is a vehicle that stands out among its competitors for the magnificent proportions and purity of surfaces that form the basis of the Jaguar design.


InControl is our range of advanced technologies designed to connect you and your XE with the rest of the world. You can choose two InControl infotainment systems: Touch, available on all XE models, or the new powerful Touch Pro * system with the latest in infotainment.


With a range of innovative and intelligent technologies that keep costs under control and competitive insurance premiums from insurance companies, the XE is undoubtedly the smartest choice.
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