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The ultimate Range Rover


We did not want to change the distinctive features of the Range Rover: its low silhouette, its profile of the roof and its famous continuous line of the waist. We have simply improved them with innovative features, such as the optional laser LED headlamps that give it a more impressive presence.
Explore the Outside
A simple, emblematic and even more contemporary design with a new grille and a front bumper and a bonnet combined with integrated exhaust and some innovative and surprising LED lights.
Imposing Presence
Three classic lines are enough to differentiate a Range Rover from any other vehicle. Its iconic silhouette is slightly conical and curved, while its crystals, almost flush, and its uprights in Gloss Black accentuate the profile of the roof and contribute to a more stylized and elegant shape.
Exceptionally Sophisticated
The long battle version of the Range Rover is unmistakable thanks to its superb design and its superbly equipped interior. With the panoramic roof as standard, this body style has been extended 200 mm to accommodate a more elegant interior.


An authentic trip in first class. The superbly equipped and improved interior of the Range Rover offers four-seater comfort with the versatility of five. The front and rear seats are now more padded and allow greater recline for greater comfort.
Interior design
Comfortable, natural, perfectly equipped and finished with expertise. The details, the new finishes of the console and the trims increase the sense of sophisitication of the Range Rover.
The new interior of the Range Rover has been designed and manufactured to offer superior comfort. Throughout the interior we find first-class materials, such as Semi-Aniline leather. In addition, the seats are wider and the new console is designed for a very intuitive use.
The Highest Expression of Elegance
Passengers of the long-battle Range Rover can create their own refuge full of tranquility. Compared to the standard battle version, this vehicle presents a new level of sophistication; In addition, it includes 186 mm of additional leg space, which offers passengers more space and comfort.


From hidden touch switches to illuminated, fully integrated Touch Pro 259 mm (10 “) touch screens, the Range Rover provides a selection of technologies designed to deliver an optimized and connected driving experience.
Touch Pro Duo
With two 259 mm (10 “) high-definition touch screens as standard, the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system allows you to see the necessary information and the possibility to interact simultaneously with additional functions to achieve greater flexibility and efficiency of use.
Interactive Driver Screen
The interactive 312 mm (12.3 “) high-definition driver’s display can receive and display a wealth of driving information, entertainment and active safety data, including navigation, phone and multimedia functions.


5 Seats (900 liters)
You can escape weekend with your family or friends with plenty of space for suitcases and travel bags.
4 Seats (1321 liters)
Using four seats, you will have a space to carry large-volume objects, such as a ski bag or large luggage.
3 Seats (1522 liters)
With three seats deployed, the vehicle offers you a large space to accommodate almost any type of cargo.
2 Seats (1943 liters)
With three folded seats, you will have plenty of space to store the objects you want in the trunk.
Foldable Comfortable Distance
Available with the Executive Class rear seats, the smart remote-controlled seating fold-up allows you to set the rear seats using the lower touchscreen.


Total traction
Off-road driving is stable and precise thanks to the all-wheel drive (AWD). To maintain optimal traction to ensure safe driving in any condition, the Range Rover transmission is connected to a series of carefully designed technologies.
With a towing capacity of up to 3,500 kg and equipped with exclusive technologies, the Range Rover is capable of dealing with the most demanding tasks with ease. Enjoy the convenience of the optional electric pull-out tow hook, the Advanced Tow Assist function and the rear height adjustment.
The Range Rover can wade in depths of up to 900 mm. Our optional Wade Sensing feature uses the exterior mirror sensors to alert you when water levels approach the maximum depth of the vehicle. The control system provides information in real time and is especially useful in dark conditions.


From the power and pleasure of driving to fuel economy and sophistication, there is a range of engines available for the Range Rover and each of them has been optimized to give it specific attributes depending on the needs. All engines are equipped with Stop / Start technology and intelligent regenerative charging.
Aluminum chassis
The all-aluminum monocoque body makes the Range Rover one of the toughest and lightest vehicles in its class. The integration of high-strength aluminum in the structure of the body ensures minimal intrusion into the passenger compartment in the event of a collision.
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