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The most versatile and adventurous compact SUV


With more sporty design features and a more athletic and imposing appearance, the Range Rover Sport is designed to impact. Thanks to its cleaner and more dynamic appearance, you will feel a sense of modernity wherever you look, whether it’s the new Range Rover Sport grille, the redesigned hood air vents or the sporty options for the tires.
Explore the Interior
Athletic and of perfect proportions, the Range Rover Sport is designed to attract attention wherever you go.
Dynamic Design
The presence of the Range Rover Sport is more impressive than ever. With its distinctive silhouette, the sloping roof to the rear and the continuous line of the waist, you can see the Range Rover DNA throughout the vehicle.
LED headlights
Every aspect of the Range Rover Sport has been precisely designed to create a clean and stylish exterior. The new LED surround lights enhance the elegant appearance of the vehicle with optional dynamic blinkers that confirm its modern image.
Explore the Interior
Premium, extremely comfortable and exceptionally functional, the Range Rover Sport is a vehicle for the driver.
Refined Design
The distinctive driving position has been broadly redefined; Each element has been meticulously designed and executed in an elegant way. The features of an intuitive design include CommandShift 2, hidden touch switches until they light up and a dynamic steering wheel with shift paddles.
The Range Rover Sport offers a practical storage space that allows you to easily access your personal effects while maintaining a clear compartment: from the large storage capacity of the center console and the new upper glove compartment to the privilege of the refrigerator compartment optional.


Each Range Rover Sport engine has been optimized to give it specific attributes, from driving pleasure to fuel economy and refinement. Based on Ingenium technology, our 4-cylinder engines and the powerful 5.0 liter supercharged V8 petrol engine offer exceptional performance and excellent handling.
Dynamic Response
The Dynamic Response system improves vehicle driving by means of a hydraulic rollover control system, optimizing road performance and occupant comfort. It can increase agility at low speed and stability at high speed, in addition to offering better steering precision.


The range of powerful powertrains offers amazing road performance. The 5.0 liter supercharged V8 petrol engine offers an enhanced power of 525 HP. The combination of an advanced Ingenium gasoline engine and an electric motor allows the Range Rover Sport PHEV to have excellent performance.


Our vehicle infotainment system Touch Pro Duo perfectly integrates two high-definition 259 mm (10 “) touch screens Use Touch Pro Duo in combination with the full-color digital screen of the windscreen (Head Up Display) and the interactive screen of the driver to see and interact with several functions simultaneously.
Touch Pro Duo
The 259 mm (10 “), high-definition Touch Pro Duo touchscreens allow you to view information on a screen (for example, use the navigation system) and, at the same time, interact with various functions (such as the configuration of multimedia settings) in the other.
Technology for the Driver
To keep you up-to-date, the driver’s interactive 312 mm (12.3 “) high-definition display gives you driving information, entertainment and safety data, and the digital head-up display lets you stay focused. on the road, as it shows the essential information of the vehicle, such as speed, geared gear or indications, on the windshield.


7 Seats (221 liters)
The optional seats in the third row are designed for occasional use ** and allow a maximum of seven occupants to be transported.
5 Seats (780 liters)
Make a weekend getaway with the whole family comfortably, with plenty of space for luggage.
4 Seats (1152 liters)
If you only use four seats, you will have more space to carry large-volume objects, such as a bag with skis.
3 Seats (1313 liters)
With three seats deployed, the vehicle offers a large space to accommodate almost any type of cargo.
2 Seats (1686 liters)
With five folded seats, you will have space in the trunk to put bags, sports equipment and much more.
Activity Key
Enjoy your favorite outdoor activities and keep your key in the vehicle safely. The optional Activity Key of Land Rover is a resistant and waterproof bracelet that allows you to enjoy various activities for which carrying a key is an inconvenience.


The firm and balanced driving is complemented by the new electronic pneumatic suspension, which gives exceptional articulation and stability. With the Range Rover Sport SVR you will enjoy extraordinary performance with the sports suspension of the SVR optimized for performance and better driving.
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