Volvo S60



  • S60
Perfect maneuverability, dynamic and natural driving, and the brand comfort of the house, as well as some elegant and seductive lines.


An experience at the wheel of another dimension
The S60 has advanced suspension, high precision steering and gear shift controls on the steering wheel, to change manually with total precision and comfort. And with the Four-C chassis, you can choose from 3 different driving modes at the touch of a button, depending on your mood, style or road.


Brake. Stop. Breathe.
One of our latest innovations is designed so that your Volvo is prepared for any unexpected situation, whether it is a braking of the car in front, a cyclist who crosses his path, etc. The system prepares the brakes to respond more quickly or brakes automatically if the impact is imminent. Now, your car also takes care of those around you.
Our innovations
Everything we do starts with people, all our innovations are designed to simplify and improve our lives. We are proud of our advances in security, connectivity and efficiency. We call these areas: IntelliSafe, Sensus and Drive-E.
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