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Introducing the new Volvo XC40: the small SUV packed with innovations. With expressive design, clever storage and smart technology. Made for urban life.

Intelligence for the street

Expressive design
The Volvo XC40 is Volvo Cars’ true city SUV. The youthful design and the proportions of an SUV characterize a vehicle that is quite a statement of intent.

Living space

A place for everything
The Volvo XC40 has smart storage features that make life easier, like door pockets big enough for a laptop or bag or a clever flip-down hook. There’s even a space under the center armrest to fit a box of tissues.
Improved Charge
Loading and unloading the Volvo XC40 is made easier thanks to the hands-free operation of the power tailgate. Simply move your foot under the rear bumper to open or close the tailgate automatically. In addition, there is a removable and folding load floor and the rear seatbacks fold at the touch of a button.

Your smart partner

Smart technology
Technology has a human touch in the Volvo XC40. From the easy-to-operate central touch screen to the high-resolution monitor and voice control for the driver who understands normal speech, technology makes things easy. It’s as natural as using the phone.

Your protector

Another pair of eyes
City Safety -which all Volvo XC40 incorporate as standard- is like having a co-pilot who warns you. Identifies vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals ahead, alerting you in the event of an imminent collision. If you don’t react in time, the vehicle automatically brakes to avoid or mitigate a collision.
On control
The suspension in the tires provides the perfect balance between comfort and handling. You always get a smooth ride whatever the surface and it helps keep the car level so you always feel in control.
On the right track
The road departure controller takes you safely down the road. If this innovation detects that you are going to leave the road unintentionally, it uses the movements of the steering wheel and, if necessary, the brake assistance to return you to your lane.
Security target
Volvo Cars is synonymous with road safety. We built our first safety cage in 1944 and introduced the three-point seat belt in 1959. We continue to innovate and our goal is that by 2020 no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new generation Volvo car.

The city is yours

You can rest easy
The Volvo XC40 inspires confidence thanks to the high seating position that gives great visibility. Agile handling and responsive steering help you master the situation.
Let the vehicle work
Drive more relaxed in the city with Pilot Assist. This feature automatically maintains a constant speed and distance from the vehicle in front, and even helps control your vehicle by keeping it in its lane.
A reassuring touch
Take control thanks to intelligent all-wheel drive technology that provides more traction with minimal increase in fuel consumption or emissions.

The sound of Sweden

Designed for sound
Enjoy music in the Volvo XC40 with a unique vented woofer that delivers powerful, precise sound. If you want an immersive acoustic experience, choose the optional Harman Kardon Premium Sound equipment, the result of a collaboration with one of the world’s leading sound brands.
In charge

The command center

With a high seating position and a cleanly designed cabin, the Volvo XC40 takes you out of the ordinary and puts you in control. The attention to detail and carefully selected materials are characteristic of genuine Swedish style.

Let the light in

The interior of the Volvo XC40 is the result of the value that the Swedes place on light. An optional panoramic roof floods the interior with natural daylight. You can also add interior LED lighting to highlight the beautiful shapes of the dashboard and unique decorative panels at night.
Ready for action

Stand well

High ground clearance gives the Volvo XC40 a powerful look and great visibility. Oversized wheels and tires tackle any trail with ease. It is an SUV with which you stand out.
Ready for action

Stand well

High ground clearance gives the Volvo XC40 a powerful look and great visibility. Oversized wheels and tires tackle any trail with ease. It is an SUV with which you stand out.
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